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With a calling to uplift others, Indira”Indi”  Felder is making her mark in the industry of women. With a story similar to others, this New York native has overcome an early life of hardships, from being the victim of bullying at a young age and surviving household full of domestic violence. For years Indi compared her life to others on social media and slipped into depression. Motivated to see a better life, she fought her way to a healthy life of prosperity and peace. 


Navigating her way through college at North Carolina Central University, where she obtained her Bachelors in Business Marketing, she simultaneously worked in the legal field. After graduating, she continued her legal work where she often encountered hundreds of women,  particularly women of color, struggling with access to prestige networks, and battling with lack of self-esteem. Indi has always been a voice of reason, a caretaker and open-armed resource for those that confide in her. She felt it was time to stop wasting what she believed was her lifelong purpose: to positively impact others through all aspects of life. 

Starting out, Indi was consistently connecting with others in what became to be a life coach role, but she soon found it to be overwhelming as she wanted to give so much of herself to each person but was not able to equally share herself with each person. That trial birthed Beauties with Brains, which launched in 2017 with the purpose of inspiring, uplifting and empowering women. This platform allowed Indi to connect with her audience equally on a grander scale. 

“I am currently building the brand of my dreams and want to help you do the same!”



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Expanding her Beauties with Brains brand, Indi has launched a luxury hair collection and developed several business resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. Determined to contribute to the world, Indi has begun public speaking and offering business consulting services. 


“I have a light that other people feel in my presence. I allow others to be transparent and share their story. Allowing them to remove the feeling of being ashamed because we are all living proof.” - Indira “Indi” Felder

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